About Sexy Magic

Sexy Magic is a very funny 40 minute Magic & Mind Reading show, specifically themed for Kitchen Teas / Bachelorette Parties.
 It is a blast of unique & naughty comedy Magic and Mind Reading, performed by magician Vicus Cruywagen. It is the FIRST magic show specifically created for Bachelorette Parties, not just a standard magic show with below-the-belt jokes.

Sexy Magic is filled with innuendo but performed in good taste - not vulgar or crude...just sexy ;-)
...and also very very funny...imagine a mind reading vibrator!

Sexy Magic is simply the most fun you can have with Magic!

"Kinky, naughty and lots of fun..."
"We loved the mind reading vibrator!"
"I've never laughed so much!"

Bachelorette is the Star of the Show

The main objective with Sexy Magic is to make the Bachelorette feel special. Not only is a big fuss made of her, but she also gets lots of souvenirs during the show.

Original Magic with Adult Novelties

This is not a standard magic show with below-the-belt jokes. Everything in the show has been themed, styled and devised to be suitable entertainment for for a Bachelorette party. Imagine a Mind Reading Vibrator...

It is Classy

Even though the show is filled with innuendo, it is tastefully presented - nothing vulgar or gross. This ensures a good time for all the ladies...even the Granny :-)

>> The Bachelorette is the star of the show 
>> The Bachelorette receives lots of goodies
>> Easy-To-Book
>> Can be performed at your home 
>> NO agents' commission
>> The easiest part of your party to organize
>> Guaranteed fun and laughter
>> You'll be a HIT for arranging unforgettable entertainment!